Monday, July 20, 2015

Signs and Shows

Oh man.  Every week I think about all the things I want to blog about, but it is Summer and life is busy.  And as any Canadian knows, you make the most of the long, hot days of Summer because before you know it, we are back to shoveling snow.

Last post I shared about how I make a barnboard sign.  Well, that was my first sign I made and I was hooked.  I started to collect pallets, and all of a sudden, this happened:

And many more signs have been created.  I am just having so much fun doing it.  If you want to learn how to make these, read my tutorial HERE.

I made a welcome sign and couldn't bear to part with it, as it matches my front door perfectly.

Also, add into the mix my other love, tie dye.  This is the time of year for festivals and shows.  I love my little set-up:

The best part of these events are seeing other amazing ideas and creations.  I am absolutely adoring this yarn truck:

I would love to drive my tie dye in a truck like that!

This is just a small snippet of what I've been up to, and I hope to find some time to blog again, as I miss it here!

Peace & Love. ;)

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