Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Mom (or at least, THIS mom.)

A day in the life of a mom.

Let me show you what that looks like. ;)

7:00 a.m. - The husband gets up to go to work.  I pray the noise doesn't wake up the three year old in our bed.  Yes, that is right...middle of the night, he crawls into our bed...just like every night. I remember the time I said I would never have kids in the bed....yeah, if you guessed that comment was made BEFORE I had kids you would be right. ;)

7:15: -The 6 year old comes into my room and asks if he can play video games.  I give him the same answer I give him 9 out of 10 times -NO.  Guess he is banking on it being that 1 out of 10 time I say yes.

7:45 - I hear the two older kids singing together and playing in their room.  I smile to myself as I make sure to enjoy this moment.  I mean, wasn't it yesterday I woke up to a child screaming so intensely I was sure we were dealing with a broken bone, or a deep injury of some sort?  Turns out it was only a moment of screaming anger at his sister.  I'll take the singing, please.

8:00 - The three year old wakes up.  This is rare.  Usually he is up at 7.  I'm pretty sure this means it is going to be a good Monday.  Either that or he will make up for it by getting up at 6 tomorrow.

8:05 - By this point the kids have already asked me for breakfast 3 times.  I fumble around to feed them some toast, yogurt, and banana.

8:10 - I told myself I would start my day out with a green smoothie.  Whatever, it's Monday. Where's the coffee....

9:12 - Walk the kids to school.  How many years until I can let them walk themselves?

9:37- Drive into town (25 minutes away) to run some errands.  This includes a trip to the thrift store to get a cover up for over my bathing suit for the few days we will be away next week.  I know what you are thinking, stay-at-home mom soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere.  You can push that thought out of your head and replace it with a waterpark full of kids, noise, and, well, definitely no relaxing.

10:10 -Get in the thrift store, right to the aisle I need when the three year old announces that he "has to pee!"  Make a bee-line for the bathroom because we all know how long a three year old can hold it. Somehow, even though we make it to the toilet the kid still manages to pee on his clothes.  I spend the next 15 minutes cleaning up his pants and drying them under a public bathroom hand dryer. I give myself trouble for not bringing an extra pair of pants.  He's lucky he's cute and keeps flashing me grins like this all day:

11:30 - Stop at Walmart and buy some candy to hand out on Halloween.  Stand in the aisle and contemplate the wiser choice - cheaper candy, or better candy? Do we REALLY want to be that house that hands out the least popular candy?  My bank account says yes.  Sorry, neighbourhood kids. :(  

12:30 - Finally home!! How did a few simple errands turn into 3 hours? I'm beat.  But the kid wants to eat.  So lunch time it is.  During lunch I help the 3 year old memorize his verse for Awana Club tomorrow. I squeeze in washing a few dishes.

1:00 - Do some work on the computer (and another visit to Facebook of course) for the church Christmas play I am running while the 3 year old watches Paw Patrol. Write some emails, respond to some messages, and feel like I got something done finally!

1:45 - Work on some pallet sign orders.  But only for 15 minutes because now I remember that I need some power tools to build the sign and they are with the husband at work.

2:00 - Wait a second...when was the last time I had a shower? Friday? No, definitely Thursday.  4 days ago.  I was going to do some housework but I'd really like a shower instead.  What the heck, shower it is.  I silently pray that I get no pop-in visitors until I get the front hall swept and cleaned up.

2:02- The 3 year old is still watching Paw Patrol while I shower. (don't judge.:) )  Except, I'm a worrier, so I yell out to him every few minutes to make sure he is okay.  I'm clearly overreacting as he doesn't move from the couch the entire 7 minutes I am in the bathroom.

2:45 - Gotta throw some cookies in the oven for an after school snack!  Thankful I got the "cheater" cookies this time.  Pre-made balls of dough ready to pop in the oven at a moment's notice.  takes me 12 minutes and makes me look like a supermom with fresh baked cookies.

3:30 - How is it 3:30 already?  Speed walk to school to not be late picking up the kids.

4:00 - Feed the kids their snack and time for homework.  Homework shouldn't be allowed on Mondays.  I'm convinced our mom brains need at least until Tuesday to figure out how to help our kids with academics. But the 8 year old's project is due this Friday, so work away we must.

5:00 - Dinner!  Yay for leftovers!  Husband walks in the door.  I quickly fill him in on all the day's events, including an incident a child got into at school.

5:45 - Out the door again to swimming lessons.  Make sure to grab my book to catch up on my reading that needs to be done by Thursday night Bible study.  Sit on the bench and rotate between reading and looking up and making sure the kids know I'm paying attention.

7:30 - Sigh of relief that we are home again as the kids decided they wanted to know everything about puberty on the way home from swimming lessons.  Awkward mom managed to answer all their questions. The kids exclaim that they are hungry for the 100th time today.  Bananas for everyone as I start packing their school lunches for tomorrow.

8:00 - Husband puts the kids to bed.  Every. NIGHT.  I love that man.  I do some work on the pallet signs while he is tucking them in.  I make sure he doesn't forget a single toy the 3 year old needs to sleep with.

8:30 - Start thinking about all the things I need to do tomorrow but decide I am done for today so I sit on the couch.  And write this blog. I. AM. EXHAUSTED.

Until tomorrow, when I am back at it again...;)

Peace & Love. :)

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