Thursday, October 1, 2015

DIY Autumn Pallet Sign

I don't think I realized it until this year, but Autumn is my favorite season. The cozy sweaters and scarves, soup in the crockpot, hot tea, the colour of the leaves, a chance to wear my favorite boots again.  I love it all.

But I mostly love it because of pumpkin.

Pumpkin everything.

It is just the beginning of October and already I've made sure to indulge in pumpkin cookies, muffins, donuts, lattes, tea, and coffee.  My tummy isn't very happy with me these days, but my taste buds are LOVING me. ;)

But aside from the delicious comfort food that we eat all Fall, I also love the decor.  And this year I decided to make my own sign for the front of my house.

First, go and find some pallets.  They are everywhere.  Businesses have them, Facebook friends have them, random roads have them. If you look, you will find. ;)

Feel like a warrior while you take the pallet apart all by yourself.  Convince your husband that you need pink tools to do your job correctly.  (as you can see in this photo, I have not successfully convinced mine yet.) Don't wear flip flops while working with tools like someone else may have. *cough*cough*.

I share in this post how we put together reclaimed wood signs.  However, to connect the back of my signs now, I use metal connector plates that I buy at the hardware store instead of a piece of scrap wood.  I just didn't like how the extra wood at the back made my signs stick out from the wall.

The first thing I did after my sign was put together was paint the entire thing antique white with acrylic paint.  I then sanded the edges to give it a worn look.

After that I printed off my design I made and covered the back of the paper with chalk.  I then pressed the paper with the design on it to the board and wrote over it with a pen.  This transfers the chalk to the board allowing you to paint over it when you are ready.  You can see in the below picture where the blue chalk is. Okay, who am I kidding, you can barely see the blue chalk in the picture.

On a side note, this is the worst picture in all of blogland.  And really, who does their work in the middle of their living room floor on their 3 year old's car mat?  Seriously, try to NOT be jealous of my work space.  

So, yeah, after that, just paint over the chalk in whatever colour you choose. 

Find some pretty flowers to put with your sign.  Take a picture quickly, because in two days those flowers will be dead.  Wait, is that just at my house?  

No worries, just replace with a pumpkin.  They take a lot longer to die. 

Peace & Love. :)

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