Monday, February 22, 2016

6 Ways to Cure Wanderlust when you Can't Travel

I struggle with wanderlust.

Most days I dream of longterm travel with my family.  I want to join the thousands of other families who have made it a reality for themselves. They come in all different forms, from families with one child to twelve, single parents, people who work from their computers and those that work on the road finding odd jobs.  It's truly amazing the opportunities out there.

But what if it just isn't the time for your family?  One of the common themes I read online is that if you want it, you can make it happen.  But sometimes, I think it just isn't the right fit no matter how bad you want it. For us, it just isn't a possibility for us for a few reasons.  One of the biggest reasons is that my husband is currently in the process of getting certified as a carpenter apprentice.  This takes about 4 years, so until that is complete, there isn't even room for discussion of longterm travel.

And after that? I don't know.  I know that a lot can happen in 4 years so I don't even pretend to know what will be possible and what won't in 4 years.

So what does one do when they are most at home when NOT at home?  How do I ease the pain in my gypsy heart?

Let's just be downright honest - sometimes I selfishly sulk.  I dream of roaming cobblestone streets in Europe, eating exotic food in Asia, and walking among the palm trees in California.  

But when I am not sulking, I've come up with some other things to help the wanderlust in my soul.

1.  Go on weekend trips - Anytime there's a long weekend or extended time off of work for my husband, I am looking for places to go.  It can't be as far since we don't have as much time, but exploring a new area can be a lot of fun if you've never been there.

2.  Go on day trips -I love to explore little towns full of charm.  We have Prince Edward County just an hour from us, so we are always up for a day trip there.  Sometimes we like to go to Toronto or Ottawa for some city excitement.  

3.  Manage your money - One day you will have more time to take a trip farther away, whether it just be a two week vacation or something more.  Manage your finances so that when that time comes, money is not holding you back from being able to explore other areas.  Have a travel fund that you regularly contribute to.

4. Dream of the "BIG" trip -  Goals are good to have.  Like I said earlier, I don't know if longterm travel will ever be a part of our life, but one of my dreams is to take my family on a 6 week Europe adventure.  Even though the possibility may feel years and years away, it's time to start planning!  Even if your goal is not for 10 years down the road, there are little things you can be doing now to make it a reality.  Ask me in 7 or so years if this helped us reach our dream. ;)

5. Enjoy your area -  Sure, exploring another country is amazing (at least I think so, I've never been out of Canada and the US) while you are waiting for that opportunity, explore your own town or city.  We love the outdoors, and in the warmer months we are often out exploring local trails, rapids, and parks.  It sure beats sitting at home!

6.  Go camping -  Camping, no matter how close or far from your home, always helps my wanderlust.  And for my three small kids it is a favorite vacation choice!  

You may not be able to afford that trip across the world right now, but in the meantime you can feed the wanderlust with some of these tips.

What about you? Do you struggle with wanderlust?

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