Friday, April 3, 2015

The day the earth shook

Easter weekend.

It's here.

Today is Good Friday.  The day when Jesus was crucified.  The day He made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  For our children, for our spouses.  For me.

For ME.

Oh, how He loves you and me.  Will we ever understand just how much?  Will we ever be able to comprehend how much He cares for us?  That He would lay down his life....

That someone would lay down their life for ME.

I curl up on the couch, Bible open,  reading every word about that last supper.  Trying to picture what those last moments were like.  I read about Pilates, about the they yelled "Barabbas" instead of Jesus when given a choice to pardon a man.  I read about how they whipped Jesus before His crucifixion, and I feel my stomach tie itself into knots as images play out in my mind.

Today, we remember.  We acknowledge.  We pause to think about His death on the cross. Because no chocolate bunny can come close to the love we were shown that Good Friday so long ago.  No pastel coloured jelly bean could fill us the way Jesus does.  Not. Even. Close.

The struggle.  The walk to Calvary.  The blood that was shed for us.

And for a moment, the skies were dark, the hope was lost....

Until three days later.

The tomb.  The stone rolled away.  The EMPTY tomb!  Hope has returned!


May you and your family have a blessed Easter. May you fall at HIS feet in awe at HIS indescribable gift.  May you feel His deep, deep love.

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