Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Section Plate Life Hack

Sometimes simple ideas can be life changing for moms.  If there is something that can tone down the chaos in my house, I'm all for it.  A few years ago I came across this amazing idea.

Section Plates.

Wait!  Stay with me.  I know, who writes a post about section plates, right?  Well, years ago I used to read this blog called Green and Crunchy written by woman named Sheri.  Sadly, the blog is no longer, but she had the prettiest section plates for her kids.  Her blog basically made you fall in love with plates divided into little circles, squares, and triangles.

Well, my section plates aren't as pretty, but they have made lunch time easier around here.  How you ask?  Do you ever have lunchtime roll around and you have no plan and your little munchkins are starting to whine for some food?

Yeah, that never happens here either.  *ahem.*

And sometimes, my kids just don't want another peanut butter and jam sandwich.  So I take out my trusty section plates, and just start raiding my cupboards and filling the various sections until every section is full.

It is a must to fill every section, or your three year old will point to the empty section and refuse to eat until every spot is full.

Or if you want a larger variety, use an ice cube tray.  Add a green smoothie and lunch is made!

Simple, yet easy fix when you just don't know what to make for lunch. ;)

Do you use section plates for your kids?

Peace & Love. :)

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