Monday, May 11, 2015

How You Can Save Money With Swagbucks

See this beautiful picnic table???

We bought it brand new (in a kit) for $25.00.  The retail price was $80.00  Want to know how I worked my magic??

So, first of all, I did have a $10 coupon I got online for Home Depot, where we purchased the table from.    That leaves us with $45 dollars of savings somewhere.

I use a program called SWAGBUCKS.  It is an online program where you get points for doing things such as:

1.Internet searches
2.Shopping online
3. Surveys
4.Referring your friends
5. Games
6. Codes given through their blog/twitter/etc.
7. Daily polls
8.  And much, much more!

Some people are super hardcore with their Swagbucks account.  I am not overly committed because of time, but I do try to visit the Swagbucks page at least once a day and spend 5 minutes doing a few things to earn points.

When you reach certain levels of points, you can redeem them for things like gift cards, and even paypal money.  There are a bunch of different options when it comes to gift cards, such as things like Home Depot, or one of my personal favorites, Starbucks.

So for that beautiful picnic table, I saved $45 dollars worth of Swagbucks that I redeemed for Home Depot gift cards.  Had I been a little more patient, I could have saved enough to get the table for free.  But the weather got warm and I really wanted a place for the family to eat outside at! :)

Want to start saving?  Click here to get your own Swagbucks account!  

Do you use Swagbucks?  What kinds of things have you used your Swagbucks points for?

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