Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DIY Clothespin Sunburst

This is one of my favorite wall hangings that I have in my house. It brings out the hippie in me. :) And it is SO easy to make!

All you need is some embroidery hoops ( I found mine at the thrift store), clothespins, and some wire.

1.  Clip on the clothespins to the embroidery hoops.  You can use whatever sizes you want.  

2.  Once you attach the clothespins, spray paint each layer the colour you want.  Once dry, flip them over and paint the other side.  As you can see I chose yellow, orange, and red, but you could do all one colour or any colours you want.

3.  Once completely dry, attach each hoop to the other with a piece of wire.  

4.  Hang it up and admire your work!

You could probably even add a mirror in the middle if you wanted. :)

See? Easy Peasy. :)

Peace & Love. :)

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