Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

I love flowers.  Mostly wild ones, but I wouldn't mind those rainbow dyed roses or daisies in the store either.  (I also really hope my husband is reading this post...;) )

Here's the thing.  I like flowers.  But I have a history of being less than, um, shall we say, successful with keeping them alive. It's truly amazing that I can keep three kids alive and not a plant.  But I was really wanting some kind of flower arrangement in my bathroom.

Here is how to make tissue paper flowers, so you, too can have flowers that live indefinitely...or at least until your toddler gets their hands on them. ;)

First, you will need a pack of tissue paper, some scissors, and some kind of wire.  I bought this wire at the dollar store in the floral section.

First thing you want to do is cut a square of tissue paper.  The size of the squares were roughly between 4-6 inches wide. I varied the sizes so my flowers were different sizes. I used about 8-10 layers of tissue paper per flower.

After you have cut your square with 8-10 layers, fold it up accordion style.

Fold up the paper, and cut each end to the style you want your flower petals to have.  I opted for a more pointed look, but rounded would be nice too.

Take a piece of wire.  I cut my wire about 2 inches long.  wrap it around the middle of the tissue paper.

I then like to fan out each side.

After that, Carefully pull up the layers one at a time, separating them all.  Take your time with this as the paper easily rips.  The nice thing is, a few small rips won't ruin it, but still be careful. :)

Work with one side, and then move on to the next.

After I've done both sides, I like to carefully scrunch the flower to shape it a bit.

I wanted to add stems, and my husband is an electrician apprentice, so he had some green wire I was able to wrap around the middle of the flower to make a stem.

After you are done, you can add the flowers to whatever you want. You can get pretty creative with these flowers.  Use more than one colour, different  sizes, different style of petals.  Add a little Spring to your home. :)

Peace & Love. :)

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