Monday, March 16, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

Today is Meal Plan Monday!!  Okay, so I don't officially meal plan on Mondays in my house, but I am posting this blog on Monday, so it seemed like a catchy and fitting title! :)

One way to save money and SANITY is by meal planning.  I don't do it every week because sometimes I get sidetracked (three kids, homeschooling, tie-dye business on the side...NO IDEA why I get sidetracked ) but I try to do it as much as I can because my week always runs smoother when I am organized in this area. Plus, it eliminates your kids constantly asking you what's for dinner, and it prevents us moms from having to make a decision at last minute on what to serve the family.  "Yes, kids, it's cereal again for dinner.  Because Mommy forgot to plan, and you are getting hangry, and we want to avoid your hanger from getting out of control,so no time to make a proper meal. Here, EAT, NOW."

*Side Note:  For those of you who don't know what "HANGRY" is, defines it as this:

"Irritable as a result of being hungry."

Let me tell you, my whole family, every single one of us who lives in this house, suffers from hanger.  I'm pretty sure my cat even suffers from it.  Many of our grumpy, irrational moments can be solved with a simple sandwich. (not that I am EVER irrational.)

But I digress.

Today I am offering a free printable, a weekly meal plan template!

Last week my taco night was on Monday.  My middle child pointed out that this didn't make sense, as taco night should be on Tuesday, because then you call it Taco Tuesday.  I'm definitely not going to make that mistake twice, because as you all probably know, arguing with a 5 year old will get you nowhere. ;)

As you can see in my planner I just write out my dinners.  Some people like to plan their breakfasts and lunches too.  I find I like to leave those areas flexible.  I don't feel the need to schedule those out as we often only rotate a few meal options for lunches and breakfasts.  But you will see at the bottom of the page I have a block for snacks.  My kids NEVER stop snacking.  It really helps to have a general idea what I plan to feed them when they ask for the 17th time that day if they can have a snack.  Come on moms, you know what I'm talking about. ;)

To print out this template and use it in your own home, Click HERE.    You can also write up a few different weeks of menus, and just rotate them.  I like to write them up and match meals with what is on sale in the flyer that week.

Peace & Love. :)

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